Advent Calendars

I’m a big fan of advent calendars, as a child I always wanted one with chocolate in them but as an adult, I’ve become very anti them. I wrote about how much I enjoyed my calendar last year.



This year I’ve gone for this one from Alison Gardiner.

I buy the godchildren (Luc, Helene, Josh and Elly) an advent calendar every year, this year I’ve added Oli and Ms T to the list. The bigger children got a straightforward one like mine but I’ve bought one each of these for Oli and Tabs.

Every year, I think that I’d like to do a make your own with an activity for each day. There are loads of ideas floating around the internets and lots of kits to help with the creativity side of it. I seriously thought about this one but decided that I didn’t have the time or the creativity to do it well. I also thought about a candle this year instead of a calendar, like this one , but it somehow doesn’t seem as exciting as a calendar.

Buy John Lewis Pattern Advent Candle, Red Online at

Secretly, I’d like one of these or these but it doesn’t really seem fair that I could get gin when I won’t let the godchildren have chocolate!

Ginvent Calendar


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