Friday Links

Happy Friday!

1. This is another article about abortion. The right to have an abortion is something I care about and I am fed up with the debate being framed in terms of something a woman will always regret.

2. Polly Toynbee on the Labour Party and class. There’s a lot being said about this at the moment and I think Polly is wrong. Yes, there have always been middle and upper class people in the Labour Party but where are the working classes, now? Clem Attlee led the party and went to Oxbridge, but Nye Bevan was in that Cabinet. Emily Thornberry shouldn’t have sent that tweet, it may be that she was being a snob, it may be that she was taken aback by what she saw, the point is that she shouldn’t have been. When Alan Johnson and John Prescott are the only two Labour politicians, you can think of with working class roots (oh and Dennis Skinner) then you’re in trouble because the clue is in the name of the party! And this happened this week:

3. It seems wrong for me to comment on what happened in Ferguson, what is happening now, it’s not my country. I will say this, 12 bullets 11 too many and for the police officer to say he has no regrets? Seriously, you took a life, you should have regrets and you shouldn’t be a police officer. However, Jesse Jackson said this and it’s worth reading.

4. Andrew Brown on how churches should support all marriages, not spend time promoting one version.

5. How to ruin Thanksgiving. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, obviously and we don’t do the British traditional turkey at Christmas either. As a kid, we had pork and nowadays we go for beef. Having said that, we’re at Ben and Lu’s this Christmas and it’s probably going to be turkey. I’m just reminding myself that I’m not having to cook and that’s a good thing but it won’t feel like Christmas!

6. Owen Jones on the East Coast mainline re-privatisation, it doesn’t make sense and it’ll probably be an expensive disaster but why let common sense or public opinion get in the way of political ideology.

7. I’ve had two posts about Christmas this week, the lovely Gin Monkey has a post about how to put more gin in your Christmas day, which everyone should go and read!

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