Last week I was really bad at taking photos that related to what I was thankful for so some of these are old photos!

Tuesday 18 November

Tuesday was a fairly standard day, I got 10 out of 10 on the Guardian quiz, Ma got new carpet but there was nothing I could point to as amazing. On Tuesday night, after Dev went home, I did my before bed yoga and realised that an ordinary day was something to be thankful for, here the view when I worked that out!


Wednesday 19 November

I was really, really tired on Wednesday. I was really thankful for coffee and all it’s miracles…


Thursday 20 November

A night of no socialising. I’m an introvert, much as I love people, they drain me. Tonight was a blessedly quiet night, I didn’t sleep well but I was thankful for the chance to re-charge my emotional energy.


Friday 21 November


Saturday 22 November

Today is a quiet day at home, Ma is coming over tonight and tomorrow we’re in Watford. Today is also Oli’s birthday. My nuclear family is small, me, Ma, Ben, Lu and Oli. We have our ups and downs but I’m really thankful that I have them and that we (mostly) get on. There was a time I couldn’t have said that. So I’m even more grateful now.


Sunday 23 November

Sunday started off well, if earlier than I’d like and we were off to Watford for Oli’s party. My sister-in-law made this cake, I’m a bit jealous ’cause cake decoration is not a skill I have! The journey home was a nightmare and took over 2 hours. I chose to be thankful that although it was a horrible journey, I wasn’t late for anything, there was no-where I had to be, if trains are going to go wrong, it’s nice when you don’t have to be anywhere!20141125-085528-32128937.jpg

Monday 24 November

Ma finally moved. I’m grateful that she’ll never have to do it again, I’m thankful that she has a secure home and I’m really thankful, I haven’t lost my furniture putting together mojo!



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