Life Happened – Babysitting and birthday parties

Last week was mostly about catching up with everyone…

So in brief, Dev came over and we plotted to take over the world. I had a conversation with my brother about all of the stuff we’re all up to – poor Oli had a bit of a tumble down the stairs! Kathy came around and we talked about her challenges with raising her small people (weirdly enough, some of the conversations I had with H last week about identity and family culture really echoed some of the things that K & A will begin with their two!). I finally caught up with Ryan, who was considerably less grumpy than the last time I spoke to him and it was obviously my week for Devereaux’s because on Thursday I spoke to Sarah, who has finally qualified as a therapist..yay!

I mostly struggling with feeling tired and migrainy. It’s that time AND it’s November so my sleep patterns are buggered. It’ll come around.

On Friday, I babysat so K & A could go out and celebrate their wedding anniversary, it’s a win, win, ’cause I get to play with their babies and get a TV for the night.

Babysitting and tiredness and the prospect of a busy, busy weekend meant I cancelled my haircut so I could spend Saturday catching up at home and getting some rest.

Ma stayed with me on Saturday night so we could get up early and get to Watford for the birthday party of the year…

Oli had been quite sick this week with an ear infection and a fall so everyone was a bit worried that he wouldn’t make his own party…






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