Good things

This week has not been epic. I’ve been struggling to hang onto my usually sunny mood, yesterday to remind myself that life was not terrible I made a list of good things. Here it is

1) Books, a world with books is a great place to be.


2) Which leads on to the amazingness of living in this time, in this place. Where working class girls are taught to read and write. Where it’s expected that we can and education is right not a privilege. My Granddad left school at 14 like most of the boys in his class, I’m not that far away from literacy being unusual among my class and sex and there are places in the world where that’s still the case.

3) Watching Oli win his races at the school sports days thanks to the wonders of video, he was so pleased with himself!

4) Sarah calling on Monday, just to say hi. Sarah has the best timing in the world – thanks, lovely!


5) Godchildren 2 to 5 calling to sing La Marseillaise on Bastille Day

6) Cherries



7) Gin….(and whiskey and champagne and the ability to make cocktails!)



8) Sunshine. Yes is it really hot at the moment and my breathing is a bit screwy but London in the sunshine is lovely.



9) Also London. I really love my city…

10) My family are pretty fantastic too.



This is just 10 easy things, there are lots of others and it’s impossible to be uncheered when I actually think about what is good in my life instead of what is bad!

What are the good things that cheer you up when life is less than fantastic?

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