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It’s Friday but honestly, today I can’t say it feels happy. The situation in the Ukraine is about to go bang due to a plane being shot down and 298 dead people. Israel has just upped the ante with a ground invasion of Gaza and so far the death count is Israel 200 – Hamas 1. It feels like the world is going to hell in a handcart.

This week’s links

1) Stupid, stupid, stupid. What not to do with contact lenses, more horrifying are the horror story comments.

2) An Israeli explaining why Israel bombing the Palestinians won’t work. Also the best explanation of what is actually happening over there.

Even after operations such as Defensive Shield, Summer Rains, Cast Lead, Pillar of Defense, and the Second Lebanon War, I still cannot get used to the unshakable consensus that takes hold of the Israeli public. I would still like to believe that this whole thing is a misunderstanding, and that if my own people would only give some more thought to the reality in the occupied territories, they would change their minds overnight. I want to believe that they don’t fully grasp the nature of the occupation, which is why they are so enraged by whatever the Palestinians do. This mindset leads to yet another violent Israeli response, which only paves the way for the next escalation. I do not know if this line of thinking is more naïve or more patronizing on my part, but what other explanations are there?

3) The perfect old-fashionedor my version, or the ‘improved’ version I think I prefer them with rye but I’m all about experimentation!

4) Does reading make you short sighted? I have no-one to blame but my book worm habits!

5) Mark Steele on the Israeli bombing. Which points out the ridiculousness of the Israeli campaign.

6) Israel has lost it’s ability to think strategically.


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