Random things…

I’ve been doing this and this to my hair quite a lot. Totally getting me through the days that I don’t wash my hair.

Although the weather and the growing out fringe makes my hair do this a lot.


My hair wants to be curly but really can’t be bothered and this is what happens…

Although it’s behaving this morning, we’ll see how long that lasts.

My nails get really bad in April/June, really weak and peeling. For the last couple ot This month I’ve been using Essie’s Millionails, Grow Stronger and Apricot Oil to rehab them. This has meant no funky colours and I’ve been obsessed with how dirty my fingernails get. Seriously, I don’t do anything that justifies the amount of dirt that gets under them and I hate having dirty fingernails. Always have, my dad used to tease me by telling me I was ‘a little girl with dirty fingernails’, as we get older, we become ourselves, only more so..


This morning I overslept, ‘slept all the way from 10pm to 7am, didn’t wake up, slept through the alarm, am going to be late for work’ type overslept. This has not happened for nearly 10 years. And I didn’t have any back pain. Maybe it’s the yoga. Whatever it is, I’m grateful for it, even though I’m gonna be late for work!


And finally, it’s sunny today, it’s amazing how good the sunshine makes me feel, I don’t need it to be warm but sunny makes me a much nicer person to be around!


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