Busy time

Yesterday, I looked at my diary for the next couple of weeks.

I’m going to be a little busy over the next couple of weeks. I know that for some people, my diary doesn’t look at all busy but I know myself well enough to know what I can cope with.  I don’t do well if I don’t spend huge chunks of time by myself, I’m an introvert. Although most of the people I meet think I’m not because I like people and I’m interested in them. This is true I do like people but too much interaction drains me, I don’t come away from spending time with people feeling energised and ready to rock, I come out thinking that I could really do with being home in my flat with nothing but Radio 4 and a book for company. I try to ensure that over a weekend, I have at least half a day but more often a whole day where I don’t have to see anyone and the only people I talk to are the ‘non draining’ people, for me that’s basically, my mum…


So this week and the next two weekends are going be something approaching my worst nightmare, full of people to see and things to do. May and June, in the industry I work  in, are always busy because everyone is trying to get work out of the way before the school summer holidays so it’s will be full on until the end of July. We also have two staff events, on Thursday and Friday afternoon and evenings. Friday is also Stef and Kier’s birthday, so at some point, I’ll need to check in on Michael and maybe L and H (although they need that less and less). Saturday afternoon will be spend in Watford,with the family to admire Ben and Lu’s new bathroom, do the family World Cup draw (I would really like to win this year!) and probably play Uno. Saturday night sees me in Woking to spend some time with Mike and Christelle. The weekend after there are haircuts, and World Gin Days and a visit to Apsley House. It all feels quite busy.


So I need a plan to help me cope. First up, no more commitments, I’m not putting anything in my diary until after the 15 June. I have made the menu plan for the next two weeks really easy (I shall mostly be eating stir fry, roasted veg, soup and yoghurt!) and I’ve made a plan to ensure the housework gets done, during the week so the weekends don’t feel so stressed. Sleep is going to be important, because when I feel busy, my need for sleep increases, so strict weekday bedtimes of 10pm and no screen time after 9pm, I’m also adding a small piece of exercise, a very gentle 15 minutes of yoga to relax and centre me before bedtime, I’ve been doing it a little bit during May and I’ve noticed that I sleep better when I do it so it’s worth a shot.

So that’s the coping mechanisms in place.

How do you deal with busy times? I need all the help I can get so anything you can suggest is useful!

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2 Responses to Busy time

  1. Angie says:

    That sounds very busy to me too! I hope you enjoy it all and I think your plan sounds like a good idea. I could have used a plan like that the weekend before last as I did not schedule in enough alone time and felt horrible for the mood I was in when I forced myself to another event. Have fun!

    • nicdempsey says:

      It was your post last week that made me think about it. Over the weekend, I realised that the diary was jammed up and your comment about ‘needing some time on the sofa with resting bitch face’ was running around my head last night as I made the plan!!

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