Friday Links

Happy Friday. I don’t know about you but this week for me has been a bit odd.  Mostly, I’ve just been busy and tired, there was a conversation in the office this week about how 4 day weeks are strange because you spend the rest of the week playing catch up with yourself and I have felt some of that, which is why I didn’t post for some of this week. However, Friday is here and I’ve got through most of the office chores I needed to do and the weekend and a lie in tomorrow beckons.

This weeks links..

1) Tuesday was April Fools Day – this from CERN made me laugh

2) Not sure that this is fair but I’m not keen on council tax being properly linked to the value of the property I live in. The flat I live in could be conservatively valued at around £250,000, which I couldn’t afford. I’m happy to pay some tax but you’d have to have some kind of opt out for renters.

3) Dirtbag Anne of Green Gables.

4) Why China doesn’t have famines any more or why a mixed economy makes things better.

5) It’s been 20 years since the Rwandan Genocide, I heard this story about Capt Mbaye Diagne on Thursday morning on the radio.

6) Suzanne Moore on the housing crisis in London. Yes, I know that London gets subsidy and I think that the govt ignores the rest of the country at it’s peril but housing in London is ridiculous for the people that live here and aren’t super rich. And don’t tell me to move somewhere cheaper, this is where all my family and friends are.

7) There’s a whole show devoted to stationery. Where do I sign up?

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