What I’m Eating This Week

Last week, posted about the stuff that I was eating during the week. I’ve talked about menu planning before and showed you how that worked in detail. I’ve also talked about some of the choices I make about my diet and the food I choose to eat and buy. The Day in Food posts are a whole day of what I ate. Long story short there is a lot of stuff about my eating and cooking on this blog. Menu planning has become a natural thing for me to do and I’ve noticed that it’s not as rigid as it used to be, I don’t tend to plan lunches any more because I just tend to eat leftovers and I’ve implemented a ‘leftover night’ in the menu plan just to deal with my ‘over generous’ cooking style and so nowadays I find that I make a couple of things every week and go from there. This is what I’m doing this week.

Breakfast Pots


Freezer Soup


Lentil Bolognese

This is becoming a staple in my cooking, this week, I’m eating it with pasta and stuffed into mushrooms. Seriously good, in fact so good that even my mother who does not enjoy cooking, has made this a couple of times!



I baked a loaf this week, to go with the soup. As even I struggle to get through a loaf in a week, I suspect that the bulk of it will either go in the freezer or to mum’s on Wednesday night!


I only have 4 days to feed myself for this week and I’m eating out on Wednesday night so with the addition of fruit and various vegetables, the soup and the bolognese will also make up my packed lunches too. On Thursday, I’ll probably make a frittata and any remaining vegetables left in the fridge will go into a soup because I can bung that in the freezer and eat when I get home.

What are you eating this week?

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