Friday Links

Happy Friday! This week’s links!

1) If you want to curb immigration, enforce the minimum wage. It won’t please the Daily Mail but it does make a lot of sense.

2) PJ Harvey’s guest editing of the Today Programme has caused a kerfuffle. Honestly, I wasn’t keen, I’m not really one for music and verse while I’m getting ready in the morning! However, the whole point of the guest editors is to shake things up and give a different view and she did that. Also the Tory screaming about left wing bias at the BBC is ridiculous, like evangelical Christians in the UK claiming to be discriminated against. It’s not happening, you’re making it up!

3) They’ve unlocked the 1984 Cabinet archives. I think someone owes Arthur Scargill an apology!

4) Simon Hoggart died. This makes me sad.

5) Language is dynamic, should be dynamic. But maybe not in France. Académie Française condemns use of abbreviation of as soon as possible, and adoption of score as a verb

6) Was South Sudan a mistake?

7) Why we shouldn’t be closing down Fire Stations. If we can afford the dangleway, we can afford to fund the Fire Brigade.

8) A map of how many ‘bisou’ should be given in various regions of France. I do two as taught by Christelle, Tina and Tess. Who are all French or lived in France. This catches quite a few of my friends out, who like to do the English one!

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