Weekend Tasklist

Four days into the New Year and my life reverts back to reality! So the tasklist is back and my need to sort the flat and myself out so that next week goes smoothly.

Why? Because next week is a full five days at work and EVERYBODY with a job is back at work doing it, which means some of them will need/want me to do things, it’s almost like they expect me to work! Also I seem to be a bit poorly again. It’s not a cold, I thought it might be but I just feel really rubbish and like someone is standing on my chest. Not a fun sensation! Now it could be nothing and it might just go away over the weekend but last year’s brush with bronchitis has made me a little bit paranoid, so I want to make sure that I have clean clothes for next week, that the flat is tidy and that I know what I’m eating and that it needs minimal effort. That way if I am sick and it’s horrible, I can get through the week doing the bare minimum. I have a menu plan, a house plan and all I need to do is tick the jobs off one by one!


  • General clean (sort out the recycling and rubbish, mopping the floor and general cleaning)


  • Cook lentils
  • make sourdough bread
  • Strain yoghurt
  • Make blueberry compote
  • Make hummus
  • Roast chickpeas


  • General clean (mop floor, change towels, empty bin, clean bath, sink and toilet)


  • General clean (sweep floor, dust, general tidy)

Living Room

  • General clean (sweep floor, dust, tidy sofa, put things away etc)
  • Take the tree and Christmas decorations down on Sunday.


  • Hoover, lots and lots of hoovering of pine needles

General things

  • Shopping
  • Washing (clothes wash, white wash, towel wash)
  • Ironing
  • Wash make up brushes
  • Wash hairbrushes
  • Water plants
  • Back up laptop
  • Charge kindle and camera batteries
  • Put Christmas decorations in cupboard
  • Put some boxes in the loft
  • Pick up dry cleaning

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