Friday Links

Happy Friday!


I hope you’ve had a good week, I’m slightly discombobulated because of the day off on Wednesday but pleased that I got to spend some time with Jo and Ms T! It’s time get back to normal after the lovely Christmas madness. Plans this weekend include taking down the tree, lunch with Christelle and Mike, time with the godchildren, who turned 13 this week (it really doesn’t seem that long ago!), I’m hoping that the weather is good enough to go for a  walk too but I don’t really hold out that much hope for that!

Anyway I hope you have a lovely weekend, here’s the stuff I thought was worth sharing this week!

1) Laurie Penny on what happened when her father died. Everybody experiences the death of the people we love differently, but we survive and live and breathe after because of the people around us that are still here. So she’s nailed that!

2) Do we still need the Foreign Office? Jo says yes but I suspect she might be biased, given that she works for them!

3) Northern Ireland is going to be hard hit by austerity. Although sometimes, ok most of the time, I just want to bang their heads together and tell them to grow up!

4)Don’t go dry for January, resolve to drink better alcohol instead!

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