Builder woes or why I am more than usually grumpy..

Remember how last Sunday, I moved out of the house so the builder could fix my bedroom window and re-plaster that wall?

Originally, I was planning on being back on Thursday but that didn’t happen because the work wasn’t finished and it’s been cold and drying out plaster takes time. So I adjusted and I was really looking forward to being back home this weekend, to sleeping in my own bed, cooking my own meals and even doing my own washing.

Today I discover that the builder has only pulled the old plaster off the wall today. He had a personal crisis and didn’t do any work for 3 days last week.

So most of my bedroom furniture is in my living room, I’ve spent the week sleeping on a air mattress in my mum’s living room and paying to travel to work from Surbiton which is an extra £25 a week and the fucking builder still isn’t done and probably won’t be until next Thursday.

Really, I don’t think I could be more pissed off with this builder right now. In the past two weeks, I’ve already had to point out that he needs to double lock my front door, not smoke in the house and not leave towels on the floor when he’s finished drying his hands. My landlord and I have had a long conversation this morning about me needing to be able to live in the flat for which I am paying rent. To be fair, my landlord is one of the good ones, most other landlords wouldn’t be spending so much money fixing the flat or replacing the roof and I am grateful, but I want to be at home.

I know that there are worse things in the world than having to stay at your mother’s because your landlord is fixing your flat but I’m so fed up right now, so very, very fed up and tired and grumpy about it. I feel like I’ve been camping all week and now I’m going to be camping for most of next week.

The bright side? Well on Monday and Tuesday, Ma is going to stay with some old friends so I’ll get to sleep in an actual bed on those days. If the building work isn’t finished by the end of next week, that will be the end of the blog because I’ll have snapped and committed an act of violence upon the builder!

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