The Weekend

Friday night started as is traditional with pizza and wine, although Ma came over to stay too.



The plan was G&T, pizza and wine, and one whiskey after pudding. Except I only had bourbon in the house! Ma was very disappointed and we had ginger wine instead, but it was definitely a daughter fail!



I was up early on Saturday morning to make sure the house was tidy for a visit from my landlord.  That done, we wondered down to Papillon for pain au raisin, one of the things that I love about where I live is Northfields Avenue, it’s got a decent butchers, bakers, cheese shop, fishmongers, there’s a childrens bookshop a couple of laundrettes and dry cleaners, the junk shop where I got sofa, and lots of other shops, including Papillon that has the best pain au raisin (even the French people I know agree with me!).

Then we went home to eat the pastries, drink coffee and wait for the landlord. Owain was just coming around to check a crack in my bedroom wall which has got much bigger over the summer, caused we think by the 4 months of building work that the neighbours did, it was pretty major 24/7 work and on a couple of occasions, I had to go round at midnight to tell them to stop!

That done, we sorted out Ma’s phone.  She has decided to join the 21st Century and start using my old iPhone 3!



That done, we basically just arsed about, we shopped and visited The Cheddar Deli to buy all the cheese.

Ma left at about 5pm and I went home to read the paper and eat cheese for tea!



On Sunday, I did nothing, it was almost as if I’d used up all my productivity on Saturday and had none to use on Sunday. I did finish the paper, bake bread, do my ironing but other than reading, very little else.

How was your weekend?

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