No pain, no gain

Last week, I thought I had broken myself.

I’ve resumed my gym going because I know that exercise improves my mood and we’re heading into winter and I need to do what works. Unfortunately I have body that hates exercise and a mind that needs it!


So I went to the gym on Tuesday night, did 5km and broke my knee. Ok, I didn’t actually break it however, on Wednesday morning, it hurt. A lot and (cue minor whine) I would really, just for once in my life, like for there to be something wrong with me that a doctor could fix without me having to do anything about. However, my knee issues aren’t fully fixable and the things that will help with the pain are all down to me and I’ve been neglecting them. For example my knees ‘creak’ when I go downstairs and even if I don’t have any pain there’s nothing that will stop the noise they make and alas I will never be a ninja!


I blame my flat footed parents who passed them onto me. I am completely flat footed and have quite serious (and often painful) bunions, they are also really ugly! That (the flatness and the bunions, not the ugliness) causes my hamstrings to be very tight and pulls everything else like my knees out of alignment.

I know what works and I know that I haven’t really been doing it. So I’ve started to get back into the groove of daily stretching and foam rollering. It hurts and it’s not a good pain but it is a necessary pain.

On a side note, we hear that pain is bad and to be avoided at all costs. I’m not so sure, yes pain is a sign that something isn’t working properly but experiencing pain is important. I think that pain is often necessary and that we have to face it and work through it, in order to feel really well again and that applies to both physical and emotional pain. (and I’m gonna stop before I get any more pompous..)

So here’s the plan.

Non gym days

Morning – Stretches + physio exercises

Evening – Foam roller and tennis ball hell + stretches

Gym days

Morning – Stretches + physio exercises

After gym – Foam roller and tennis ball hell + stretches

Evening – Foam roller and tennis ball hell + stretches

I don’t like causing myself pain but I do know that it hurts less if I do it  every day and I’m not going to make it through the winter with sanity intact if I don’t get to the gym. So I find myself in the weird position of inflicting pain upon myself to stop things being painful.

What do you do that you really don’t want to but you know you have to in order to function?

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