The Weekend

This weekend started with Friday Night Pizza at home and rest and books and breaking a wine glass! It happens…


On Saturday, I tore myself away from my book and got myself on the train to meet Ma and go to Watford. We had a lovely afternoon just hanging out, playing games with Oli. Who isn’t a great loser but if you’re loosing will re-assure you with a “don’t worry, it’ll be ok”.


We had dinner together and then Ben and Lu headed out to their thing and we put Oli to bed. Ol was mostly ok, upset when his Mummy and Daddy left but went to bed ok. Three and a half hours later he woke up and had a cuddle with Grandma!


Ma and I didn’t get to bed until 2am ish, so Sunday morning was slow. Breakfast, shopping and after Ma went home, dinner and a very early night. I have no major plans for this week, in fact a totally blank diary! Time to catch up on sleep!

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