Friday Links

If my posts this week haven’t been a guide, my default mood this week has been sick and/or grumpy, however, it’s Friday and I had a really strong coffee this morning so I’m running off that and the joy of a lie in tomorrow morning!  Not that many links this week, it’s not really been a week for reading but if you click on one thing, make it the Sesame Street link, the perfect way to start a Friday!

1) Best pope ever, still pretty terrible. Until he actually does something good, I’m reserving judgement.

2) This is so wrong, on so many levels. I can’t even. I would tell him where he could put those sandwiches.

3) Chas and Dave have re-formed and apparently everyone loves them now!

4) Smokers in the UK. Interesting

5) There is nothing I don’t like about this version of the Sesame Street theme.

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