Pickled Carrots

The night before I go on holiday, I clear the fridge.

I make the ‘chuck it all in frittata’ for breakfast and the journey up to Amble and if there are any vegatables left over, I make soup.

This time, I had too many carrots. I love carrots, I mostly eat them raw but do use them for other things, however, even after making carrot and lentil soup, I had about a pound leftover.  I know this was extremely poor planning on my part but I was determined not to waste them. So I decided that it was time to try this recipe. I made them, bunged them in the fridge and forgot about them until I got home on Saturday.

On Saturday, I’d bought a rotisserie chicken and a bag of salad for dinner and these went really well with that. On Monday, they went really well with the bap stuffed with chicken that I had for lunch. I’ve been eating them quite a bit and had to make another batch on Monday night.


I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of pickle and I’m not that keen on chutney, but I am quite fond of pickled things, I love cornichion and gerkins and sometimes even onions. I’d never thought about making my own, although I might now as this was so easy, the most complicated step was blanching the carrots! The recipe uses a pound of carrots, makes about 2 jars and keeps in the fridge for a month. I had all the ingredients at home and the amount is about perfect for me.

So if pickled things are your thing, give these a try.


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