How to squeeze a lemon

It’s ok, I’m not going to actually show you how to squeeze a lemon, although if you’re squeezing lot of them, say for your daughter’s Friday Night Cocktails birthday party. Wear an apron or you may sort of bleach your shirt and thus render it unwearable for said party!

I always have lemon and limes in my house. You can’t have a gin and tonic without a lime (unless it’s Hendricks or Chase or heaven forbid, Hoxton..) and they are really good just to squeeze into water to make it a little more interesting. However, they aren’t just for drinking, I use them in cooking too, they add a bit of life to a boring soup or stir fry and intensify the salty flavour in things without the need for more salt.

Recently, I’ve taken to having oranges and grapefruits around too for juice or eating and because I like the smell of them.

I am devoted to these squeezers for squeezing them.


Yes I have the three variations, I think they are wonderful. They get the job done and make extracting juice (because there is a limit to how often I can say squeeze before I feel like I’m in a Carry on film…) easier and less messy and this is something that my mother will thank me for!

I got mine from Amazon (green, yellow, orange) but I’m pretty sure that any good kitchen shop will have them and they are ace!

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