Ordinary, useful things

I try to live by the maxim that I shouldn’t have anything in the house that I don’t know to be beautiful or useful. Actually, I try to have both at the same time and although I don’t always succeed, nowhere is this more obvious than in my choice of drinking and wine glasses.

I have a bad habit of becoming ridiculously attached to inanimate objects and am really clumsy, so I needed to find glasses that I liked but that were affordable and easy to replace. Glasses break and I didn’t want to feel awful or have other people feel awful about that if it happened. I also didn’t want the bill if I had lovely expensive glasses in a cupboard that fell off a wall (and yes, that happened to Stef, lots of lovely Dartington crystal dead because a workman hammered the wrong wall not fun at all)

I have and love my wine glasses but I’ve always quite liked the French idea of glasses that you use for everything, like Christelle’s family do it. Mike and Christelle picked up some Duralex Picardie glasses and when her family where here for the wedding and we used them for wine, whisky, water and coffee and tea.


This is where I confess that I’m not too keen on the classic Picardie shape.  I like the ones that Matt and Ruth (godchildren 2 to 5 parents) use. They’re also Duralex but the Gigogne rather than the Picardie.  Unlike the Picardie, which you can get in loads of sizes, the Gigogne come in 3 sizes, a 9oz ‘shot’ glass and the 16oz and 22oz. The design is rounder with no fluting and seems a bit more industrial. Just like the Picardie, they are good for coffee, tea, wine, whiskey and whatever other liquid you fancy, I think that they would make great glasses for mousse or ice cream and I love the way they feel in your hand.


Because they are toughened glass, they are safe for small children too.  They aren’t the cheapest thing you’ll ever buy but they aren’t expensive either. John Lewis sell them and really, if you were setting up home and didn’t have money for all lots of differing glassware, these would be perfect and sturdy.

The 22oz and 16oz

The 22oz and 16oz

Also while I’m here, go and read this about Duralex being rescued by the management, ’cause it’s really interesting!

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