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Last month I found another use for my favourite all purpose product and I thought it was time to share.

It’s Waitrose’s Baby Bottom Butter*. There’s been a lot of talk about this, I think it started on Mumsnet (not a place on the Internet I have anything to do with) but people were using it on themselves rather than their babies and saying how good it was so of course, word spread. I’d seen a couple of people talk about it on their blogs and because it was only £2.89, picked some up, to try.


It has 4 ingredients in it, olive oil, hydrogenated olive oil, vanilla and camomile, so it’s got no major nasties in it and it’s a fairly heavy moisturiser, like more natural Vaseline! I mainly use it as a body moisturiser, on my feet, as a cutical mosturiser and as a lip balm.  I’ve also mixed it with Benetint to make a coloured lip balm and used it on my face when I felt it needed something a bit richer during the winter.

Since last month, I’ve used it as a cleanser.  My cleansing routine has been the same forever, I use Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser at night and wash my face with a facewash (normally this one) and microfoliant in the shower in the morning. It works pretty well and as a general rule I don’t have any issues with my skin. I’ve read about the Oil Cleansing Method and and I’ve used and liked Dermalogica’s Pre Cleanse, which is based on a similiar principle, which is that you rub the oil onto your face and it picks up the dirt. I wanted to try it but I’m lazy (and cheap!) and going out and buying the various oils, blending them and then working out the balance that worked for me was so not going to happen.


The Bottom Butter is prety much just olive oil so I tried it to replace the Liz Earle and it works really well. I just massage it into my face and wash it off as I normally would. The only change I’ve made is to use a flannel rather than a muslin cloth, the butter is heavier and works better with a flannel. After cleansing, I don’t need to use much mosturiser because apart from on my cheeks, my face doesn’t feel tight, which it did after the Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Over the last couple of weeks, with the weather not sure if it’s proper winter or spring (seriously, it snowed yesterday, in Central London, in March ridiculous!) and my two colds,  my skin should have been acting up but it’s behaving beautifully to the point that people have asked me what I’m using on it.

So Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, no nasty ingredients, cheap and a total multi tasker, if you can, go and buy some!

*I should point out that I have nothing to do with Waitrose, other than occasionally shopping there, no-one is paying me to say any of this or giving me free stuff, I just really like this product.

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7 Responses to Hero product

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    my face definitely needs a little extra help thanks to this freezing weather I’m going to have to pick some of this up on my way home!

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