The Day in Food: Weekend edition

This is what I ate last Saturday. My weekday eating is pretty consistent but the weekend is where it often goes wrong and it sort of did here. Ma and I did the trip to the dump and Ikea that we had planned to do last week. It was a really productive day but because we were on the move for most of the day, we didn’t eat. Breakfast didn’t happen until around 10am and then because the food options at Ikea weren’t good, I just skipped and ended up eating a hot cross bun after shopping at nearly 5pm. What I didn’t do was drink enough water next time I must remember to bring my water bottle with me.



Coffee / Smoothie

The smoothie was half a cup of greek yogurt,  2 x 120g Ella’s Kitchen apples and bananas, 80g spinach and a cup of orange juice. I normally use half a cup of applesauce but I didn’t make any this week and although this is baby food, it doesn’t have anything except the fruit in it – although they seem to have stopped making the one that’s just apples. Anyway they are useful if you’re short on time and energy.



Hot Cross Bun


3 oatcakes with smoked salmon


Gin and tonic (2 of them)



Stuffed pasta with olive and tomato sauce and salad

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