February Goal Update

This week has been a disaster for my goals. I really need to up my game!



1) Coffee and alcohol, no more than 3 times a week.

4 out of 4. This is an easy one!

2) Take my lunch to work

3 out of 4. Worked from home on Tuesday, left my lunch on the side in the kitchen on Wednesday!

Self care

3) No computer after 9pm on a school night (Sun to Thurs). This has really helped get me to bed on time and have an organised home, both things are really important to me!

4 out of 5. One rubbish night.

4) Moisturiser and general maintenance. Same as last month, I don’t feel it’s a habit yet, so more of the same until it is.

9 out of 9


5) Paint the living room. Painting the flat is one of my 2013 goals and I think having one ‘big’ thing to do every month is helpful. Also I’ve planned to do this on the 16/17 February and having it as a goal will help keep up my momentum when I’m moving the books out of the living room!

Haven’t done it yet, planned for next weekend

6) Dust under the bed, find out what’s underneath it. I sweep and clean around the bed and although it’s not a weekly task, it should probably be a bi-annual one. Also you may have noticed over January, I’m in an organising mood, this it part of that.

Haven’t done it yet. Planned for Sunday.


7) Gym twice a week. Again this is one of my 2013 goals, so time to be dedicated about it. Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime, no messing about, no being a brat. Also I have a 5km booked in June so will need to start training properly in March, this is a good run up!

1 of 2. Haven’t been to the gym, did go for a run on Tuesday, twisted my knee.

8) Three times a week I will do the set of exercises below three times. I think that Monday, Wednesday and Saturday might work quite well! I won’t enjoy it but I am going to do it.

20 squats /12 sit ups/12 press ups/1 minute plank

2 of 3. Monday and Tuesday. Then I was just too lazy!

Not the best week, how was yours?

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