Friday Night Cocktail

Turns out the grumpiness and headache this morning was in fact a cold. It’s either the cold from December that refuses to fully die or another one. On the plus side, Oli has chicken pox (ok that’s not a plus for him or his parents!) but as I’ve had chicken pox it’s not that.

I’ve only been drinking again for a week, I’ve stuck to my three days a week rule and I’ve not tried anything new. I’ve just reintroduced myself to my favourites. Yesterday, a colleague and I were talking about a meeting we were setting up. This one has been re-arranged five times. I accused him of just not wanting to do the meeting and he asked if I could arrange to replace the water provided with gin! (It’s that kind of meeting!). From there we got onto whether you could drink cocktails in the morning. He cited a Bucks Fizz and a Bloody Mary and I headed into stronger stuff.

In that spirit, this week I offer you three cocktails that you could drink with breakfast, it would have to be a late breakfast and I in no way advocate drinking them before a work meeting. But maybe a lazy weekend breakfast, the kind that rolls into lunch and involves reading the papers, coffee and not doing anything to energetic for the rest of the day.

Marmalade Cocktail

Described as an anti-fogmatic, perfect for a lazy morning.




The Morning Cocktail

It would certainly open eyes and feels like something to be drunk in a 1930’s movie.



Kamms Fizz

A cocktail that had fruit juice and booze that’s good for you. Wonder if this would help with my cold?


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