Goal Update 3

1) Cook a new recipe each week (I’m not making it specifically vegetarian but I will try for three out of four)

I made Borlotti, pancetta and spring green soup.

2) Exercise twice a week.

Done and done. Walk on Sunday, gym on Monday and Wednesday, Body Balance class on Thursday.

3) Clean floors and hoover once a week

Done, done, done. I still hate it but I notice when it needs doing now and this week even swept the porch and path at the front.

4) 10pm school night bed time.

Done. This seems to be ‘bedding’ in. I’m naturally organising my evenings so that I’m ready for bed at 9.30pm and can read for half an hour before lights out at 10pm.

5) Walk 10k four times in October.

I went for a walk on Sunday, after Christelle went home. One out of four isn’t exactly stellar performance but nice to have made a little bit of progress here!

6) Tidy the cupboard. I have a store/junk cupboard off the bathroom that really needs some organising.

Was going to do it Sunday, didn’t. May get around to it this weekend though.

7) Cheerfulness. I’m going to find something that makes me happy every day and will list them as part of the Saturday goal progress report.

Saturday – Friends who come for dinner and wash up!

Sunday – Being indoors, cosy and warm, knowing that I’d done the things I needed to do.

Monday – Cheap gym membership that we get through work

Tuesday – The Internet, not only do we share the same birthday but today a couple of blogs I read gave me some really good ideas..

Wednesday – Another gym session, I ran and my knees were ok. I also ran a bit more than I thought I could! Yay for making the effort!

Thursday – I was really struggling for anything that was good today and then my payslip arrived on my desk. My job isn’t the most glamorous or the most enjoyable but I’m reminded (not for the first time this month!) that having a job is a thing in this climate.

Friday – Friday Night Pizza and Cocktails, a reward for a good week.


8) Forward planning. It’s Christmas in three months and before that Ben, Oli, Christelle and Ma have birthdays. By the end of this month I would like to have their birthday presents sorted out!

No progress here. I have a present each for Ma and Christelle. I need to put Oli’s together and work out how to make a rocket cake for Oli’s birthday cake. But that’s still pretty good.

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