Picture Post

I finally got around to sorting out my photos from Yorkshire.

Coverham Church and Church Yard

We passed the church on the way to Middleham

We didn’t spend a lot of time at the castle as we had intended to go back on our last day, however, it’s closed on Thursday and Friday, so I didn’t spend as long as I wanted to at my favourite castle!

We did go to the sheep fair at Masham though.

We also got to see the young handlers contest, children under 8 and their sheep. Some of the sheep were more controllable than others!

I love the look on this kids face, he did such a good job with a very hard to control sheep

This one was more docile..

Ma loved the sheep fair and I will admit I know far more about sheep than I did, including that there’s a category of sheep called ‘Fat Lambs’. I’m still not over finding that amusing.

Masham Church Yard

There’s a point in graveyards in the early 1800’s when the fonts on headstones changed, I like the old font better.

Next week – old ruins, Fountains Abbey and Jervaux Abbey.

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