The weekend

Saturday started bright and beautiful, for some reason the church at the end of the road had put up bunting.

I set out for Watford with lunch with the family. I seem to spend all my time waiting for trains or buses.


Oliver was not happy to see his Auntie Nic or Grandma!


Once reassured that Mummy and Daddy were staying with us and there was somewhere for him to play, he cheered up a bit.


Lunch was lovely…


Oli did a bit of under the table exploring..


Trying to work out the spinning top20120924-071046.jpg

More waiting for the train, this time to go to Mike and Christelle’s


The dinosaurs, at their wedding last month, Mike and Christelle asked me to read a story about dinosaurs and so it seemed like the right thing to buy them dinosaurs..


I always leave Mike and Christelle’s completely and utterly broken and the pictures below are why. Well that and not going to bed until 6am!



Sunday was miserable…


I was broken and it was cold so most of the rest of the day was spent, eating pasta and watching movies..

This week is a four day week at work, exercise, packing for and going to Yorkshire. Happy Monday, people…

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