Missing in action

Today I was supposed to talk about the quinoa burgers that I made last night. Except I didn’t make them, I came home, talked to my mother, sorted the rubbish, did some other boring housework and went to bed.

What can I say? My need to sleep often outweighs my need to do anything else!

Instead have a photo of yesterday’s sunset, which came at the end if a grim and rainy day. There will be food tomorrow or kitchen chairs!


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2 Responses to Missing in action

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    I’ve had a few of those days recently!

    • nicdempsey says:

      I think it’s the change of seasons too, when it’s dark I don’t want to think about the blog or new stuff, I want to sleep! Although for me it was about having too much fun at the weekend and I seem to have caught the nephew’s sniffles!

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