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Friday Night Cocktail

The Nicola 6 Cause it was my birthday on 6th August and I’m called Nicola. Also it has pimms and cucumber in it and one day I’m going to make it with gin to see what it tastes like.   … Continue reading

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What I did last night

I went to Sarah’s and drank fizz and ate fish and chips.. Instead of doing anything useful at home. It was lovely to see her and catch up on all the news, gossip and general excitement.

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A birthday in pictures…

  Oli, later on we made cakes (he’s good at cracking eggs and eating choc chips!)   Tabitha   Murphy   Saturday was the child friendly celebration, there aren’t any pictures of Friday night, but it was lovely and left … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday today. Also celebrating birthdays today are The American Bar at the Savoy, (105 years older than me!), the World Wide Web (go google Tim Berners-Lee!), Tennyson, and Jamaica which celebrates 50 years of independence. So I’m in … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

Etta James. Because I heard it on the radio this morning and I remembered how much I like it.

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