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Thankful – Day 19

A quiet weekend at home. Thankful for place to be peaceful..

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Thankful – Day 18

This is a glass of champagne. I shouldn’t be drinking but today I got offered a job. I went for the interview on Monday and the good feeling that my brother had was right as today they called me to … Continue reading

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Thankful – Day 17

Radio. I have a radio in every room except the bathroom. Generally, BBC Radio 4, sometimes BBC 6 Music or Radio 2 and if I can’t sleep in the earlier hours of the morning BBC World Service. Generally R4 though. … Continue reading

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Peanut Brittle

Apparently it’s Christmas already, well it seems to have exploded over every shop in the high street. I am not a fan of this. I am a fan of Christmas, but I yearn for the days when it started on … Continue reading

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Thankful – Day 16

A day spent with Max and Murphy, catching up, playing with Murphy and making chilli jam! All good things…

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My lunch for the past month has been some kind of soup. It’s normally lentil or some kind of vegetable. I add a dollop of plain yogurt, some seeds and nowadays a couple of tablespoons of raw kale.  The kale … Continue reading

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Thankful – Day 15

No photo for this one. Today is 15th November (hey I can do simple maths!) and is my grandfather’s birthday, or would be if he was still alive. He was the only one of my grandparents still living by the … Continue reading

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