Thankful – Day 11


This is a very bad photo of my Grandad’s Terrritorial Army medal (for efficient service!). There were other medals but my brother has them.

I don’t know much about Grandad’s army service. This is what I do know. He was in the TA in 1939 so when war was declared he was called up straight away. (The same thing had happened to his father in 1914), he was stationed in Norfolk at some point, where he met Bill and introduced him to his sister, Edith! We think he was in Normandy at some point and maybe Belgium.

I do know it changed him, even though I don’t know how because Grandad didn’t talk much about his war experience except to say that no-one should be proud of killing others.

So today, I’m thankful for him, for what he did, for what it cost. That he taught me that war isn’t something to do unless it’s a last resort and that there is no glory in killing another, whatever the reason. In being thankful for him, in knowing the man he was, I’m thankful for all the others who did and continue to do the same.


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