Growing Up

I’ve mentioned it about a million times in the last couple of weeks, Tina and Charles moved yesterday. I helped. As a result, I have 6 bruises and am quite tired. It was hard work but I didn’t lose any weight (I don’t think) because Tina kept feeding us. I got to know Tom’s girlfriend, Yoey a bit better and gained a cupboard, 2 highlighters, several plants and a bottle of whisky, so I think I did better out of it than they did!

I’ve written about how the move has affected me and how much harder this must be for Tina & Charles’ children. Christina has best expressed it here, with her usual wit and eloquence. I hope she doesn’t mind me quoting her:

“The house has been a family home to hundreds of people who aren’t technically family, a place to sleep for countless friends-of-friends, and the means of creating many new friendships. It represent more than bricks and mortar in our collective subconscious: it’s a monument to our family history.”

One of the plants I inherited was Tom’s aloe vera, the plant is called Christina, because it’s a bit prickly. Both of them can be but Christina the person is also clever (she knows a lot about 18th Century smut), she sings amazingly well, her Twitter stream makes me laugh all the time and, as her blog about her parents moving out of their family home proves, she writes beautifully and wisely…

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