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Friday Links

Happy Friday, I have a cold that is sort of dominating my existence at the moment. It won’t kill me, it just kills any desire I have to do anything useful or social. This weeks links, if you read one … Continue reading

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Growing up a Londoner

The school holidays have begun, even if I didn’t know that, the number of parents and small children on the train in the morning would have given it away! I’m (at least a fourth) generation Londoner (great grandparents, grandad, mother … Continue reading

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Working mothers and feminism

Today I read this piece in the Daily Mail (I really can’t call it journalism). My first thought was that if this is true, Alice Walker used feminism as an excuse to be a shitty human being and a bad … Continue reading

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Growing Up

I’ve mentioned it about a million times in the last couple of weeks, Tina and Charles moved yesterday. I helped. As a result, I have 6 bruises and am quite tired. It was hard work but I didn’t lose any … Continue reading

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