Growing up a Londoner

The school holidays have begun, even if I didn’t know that, the number of parents and small children on the train in the morning would have given it away!

I’m (at least a fourth) generation Londoner (great grandparents, grandad, mother and me!) and I love the city despite my daily morning grumble about the commute!


The city is full of great stuff that we don’t visit very often but one of the things that my brother and I got was a week every summer, where Ma showed us the city.

So we went to the Monument, to St Pauls and went to the top in the days when they let you go onto the roof, the Museum of London, the Museum of Childhood, the Imperial War Museum, the Science and Natural History Museums, we wondered through the parks , the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, took the boat down the river to Greenwich, the London Transport Museum and all the hundreds of other places to see and visit. Not all of them cost money either.


It taught us about where we live and it gave me a real sense of it’s history. It’s why I love London and never want to leave!

So what I’ve been doing this week, as the trains fill up with children who are squashed and whiny and don’t know how to behave on a train (not that Ma ever took us on a train during rush hour!) is remind myself that it’s growing tiny Londoners, that one day will love it as much as I do.

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