Warkworth to Amble

On the second day of our Northumberland trip, we got the bus to Warkworth. It’s an hour and a half-ish from Newcastle and there has been a change in the bus fares so it only cost me £4 there and back which makes a change from the £7-ish it cost last year.

Since we were last here there have been some changes, not to the castle but to the information about the castle. It’s now a much more educational space and there were trails for different people that would have lived and/or worked in the castle. Each one had a little symbol to follow, which I thought was a nice touch.

From Warkworth we walked down to Amble.

It’s a pretty walk.

At Amble we had a little wander and found ourselves in at The Old Boathouse for fish and chips. The food was great, while we were eating it started to rain and we sympathised with the waitress who had left her washing out!

Although we were stuffed, it wouldn’t have been right to leave without a trip to Spurreli for ice cream.


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