Friday Links: Local Elections and Oaths of Homage

Happy Friday!

So the local election results don’t look good for the Tories. My word of caution on this is that losing Tories doesn’t equal winning Labour and honestly, while I’m sure that a Labour government will be better than this Tory one (not hard Count Binface could do better), I’m not sure how much better as they are not convincing and a cocky overconfident Labour party loses elections. Anyone younger than me should look up the 1992 election…

The other news from Jonathan Dimbleby is that the King didn’t know about the ‘Homage of the People’ bit of the Coronation and it’s probably the brainchild of the Archbishop of Canterbury. I call bullshit. I can see exactly how the thinking went. The Homage of the Peerage is a traditional part of the Coronation, but in the world we now live in having the peerage swear homage looked old fashioned and elitist, so why not let everyone do it, be democratic? It didn’t occur to any of them that swearing homage is the problem not having the peerage do it. Look this shindig, to celebrate a very rich man getting a shiny new hat and a job, is costing the taxpayer somewhere between £100-£250 million, in a cost of living crisis. It’s tone deaf, like the Prince and Princess of Wales using the Tube yesterday.I wish someone would greet me every day as a walked into a train station and escorted me to an uncrowded train where I could get a seat!

They don’t live in the real world and this seemed like a good idea because they don’t live in the real world. If they did, they’d at least pay for some of this. The homage idea and they give up your Bank Holiday to volunteer are the ideas of people who really don’t understand what is happening to the country right now. The trying to defend and deny, instead of admitting you got it wrong is the final insult.

Here are this week’s links…

UK households facing ‘debt timebomb’, warns Citizens Advice

Food price inflation: why the cost of making a family spag bol has hit £10.

Hunt and Braverman among five in cabinet earning thousands as landlords. I want their names and I want to see their voting record on housing issues!

Sunak and Starmer are obsessed with home ownership. Neither seems to want to fix the housing crisis

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