Monday Miscellany: Home and it’s almost there…

Happy Monday!

I’m back home and things are not quite complete. There’s some snagging to do in the bedroom and the kitchen is just about workable but needs flooring, tiles and snagging. Part of me is really happy to be home to sleep in my bed, but let’s just say that the builders have not been careful with my possessions, the worse of that being the state of my mattress. None of it is life altering, it’s just been a bit careless.

Nearly there…but look at the snazzy new oven and microwave…

However, Ma and I have painted and cleaned, and painted and cleaned some more. The only room in the flat that is anything like it was is the bathroom, everything else is a work in progress. To quote Brene Brown, no empathetic sentence ever began with ‘at least’ but I can say it’s better than having no home, that worse things are possible and it’s only for a little while longer. This is very much a first world problem.

Stripped down bedroom with new flooring and paint. I can’t wait to get the curtains back up but I’m glad to be back in my bed with my new lovely bedding!

Surprisingly, I am going to miss staying with Mum. Ok, not the inflatable bed or the commute, but the Monday night detective TV, dinner being ready when I get home, all my washing and ironing being done and just getting to spend time with Mum with nothing that we have to do. That’s been amazing. We both value our alone time, so I know it’s been a huge sacrifice for her and I’m grateful, yet again to have the best mother!

Ealing parks

So this week, is going to be interesting, it’s looking like another full week in the office, because I can’t work at home until I have a desk I can get to or a kitchen table and none of those are happening for a couple of days. Food is only to be mostly toast and eating standing up, giving up sweets, biscuits, crisps and cakes, is a blessing because otherwise, I think I’d just eat crap, instead I get a Gail’s seeded loaf and smoked salmon for dinner!

I don’t really have a plan, just get through the week, unpack at the weekend and maybe have next Monday off to finish up. We shall see.

Have a good week!

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