Monday Miscellany: It’s still dark

Happy Monday!

I’m back in the office for some of this week and I’m deeply unhappy about leaving the house in the dark, it’s not one of my favourite things to do!

I’m really back in the thick of January again and the only way out is through, but I will admit it’s a struggle to find the energy and enthusiasm it requires. However, I did struggle through last week and I’m sure I’ll survive this week. Although I have to say that Chelsea’s woeful performance this weekend as well as the news that Gianluca Vialli died last week haven’t improved my mood.

Last week’s highlights were a walk with Sue, taking the Christmas tree down and catching up with Yellowstone, now I can watch the prequels! I also managed to properly food prep on Sunday which should make this week easier!

This week is going to be about being in the office, getting back in control of work and thinking about and starting to pack things up. There are nicer things to do too, some time on the plot with Ma and lunch at friends on Sunday!

Have a good week

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