Friday Links: More Maths

Happy Friday!

The first week back to work has hit with a bump, the country is in chaos and the Prime Minister is going to solve it by making children do more maths! I’m not sure that Keir Starmer is going to do much better, but it’s got to be worth a try? Towards the end of the week, the new became dominated by Prince Harry and all I have to say about it is that a period of silence from him would be most welcome..

Here are this week’s links…

What would you do to support the NHS? My mother gave up her festive tipple. I’m finding this, I had a bout of cystitis the week before Christmas and rather than call the GP and try and see someone and go in with a sample and get a prescription for antibiotics. I paid £21.99 and used Superdrug Online Doctor to get antibiotics. Yeah ok it was easier for me but part of me thought that I shouldn’t clog up the doctors with something I could sort.

UK households spent £1.1bn more on groceries in December for fewer items

‘People use candles because they’re scared of the bills’: a day with a debt charity helpline

Disabled boy loses overnight NHS care because parents cannot afford heating

Feeding Britain: Poor people don’t need money-saving tips, they’re already experts

A Brief History of Bog Butter. I’m fascinated by this…

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