Friday Links: Strikes

Happy Friday!

From antibiotics to eggs, this is the age of inconvenience. We’d better get used to it. I’ve had a mindset shift on this because of the allotment but yes, I’m now a person that has a toilet roll delivery and orders flour in 16kg packs.

I’m so cold I live in my bed – like the grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was talking about this the other day, I’m not there yet but I was considering re-purposing the old camping duvet for the living room.

How to dry clothes indoors and save money on laundry. I used some of my cost of living payment in the summer to buy a heated airer and a dehumidifier. The airer is pretty good but the dehumidifier is amazing, I’m actually thinking about getting another in for the bathroom and hall. Without the heating on the room with the dehumidifier running is 1.5C warmer than the room without! And I always towel dry my hand washing (but I really miss the spin drier we had at home when I was a kid!)

The big idea: has organic food passed its sell-by date? I don’t buy or grow organic food. I’m much more interested in sustainable farming and eating. In terms of the plot I wouldn’t pass a soil association test but perfect is the enemy of good, we’re working on making our own compost and I’m committing this year to only buying used mushroom or peat free compost this year.

Can an Island Feed Itself? This is about Puerto Rico, which has different issues but it’s important, if only our government could think it’s way out of a paper bag, Defra would be thinking more about food security and sustainability…

Will striking nurses affect my care as an NHS patient? That’s a price I’m willing to pay

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