Friday Links: December

Happy Friday!

It’s been a while. Here are some links…

Facing eviction, I’ve learned that relying on ‘good landlords’ is a feudal throwback. So much this…

In Buckingham Palace and outside it, we know what it means when people ask ‘where are you from’

We didn’t ask for Lady Hussey to resign. But, really, the monarchy must do better on race. My mother’s family are English (from Lincolnshire and London), my Dad was the first of his siblings to be born outside of Ireland. (Ironically, it was my London Grandad that came from Kilburn). Dad would sometimes talk about not being invited to things as a kid because his parents were Irish, he was born in 1948 so I knew about the ‘no blacks, no Irish, no dogs’ signs and as a kid, I understood that Dad’s family were immigrants. So I also understood that the only real difference between me and the kids at school that got asked ‘where they really came from’ was skin colour. It’s a racist question, implying that black people don’t belong in the UK. There are no excuses and the Royal Family need to do better. (Although my first choice is still a republic and get rid of them!)

Riz Ahmed says it better than I could

How did gourds evolve to be so weird? Biologists think they know why

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever unearthed deep colorism within Latino communities

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