Monday Miscellany: Return of the Mice

Happy Monday!

Morning sky

Last week we had our first cold snap of the autumn. Not cold enough to require heating but colder than it’s been. As ever in Autumn I was on alert for mice trying to come in their usual spot (my kitchen) and had checked all the traps etc the but they were attacking from another front.

The cupboard of doom. Which I discovered on Saturday morning. Little bastards…

The cupboard of doom is where the meters and hot water pipes are, it has some access to the outside and the outside of my flat is where the porch is being rebuilt. So with the weather and the disruption, it’s sort of expected but I am not ok with mice. There were no signs of mice last weekend so this is a very recent assault on my peace of mind.

So I took everything out of the cupboard, I removed anything that might be remotely tasty to mice, I threw some things away. I hoovered and bleached. Then I put poison down (I don’t believe in humane traps, it just encourages them), and put everything back in the cupboard.

I’ve also ordered some peppermint spray, more poison and a little sonic thingie. None of these things are foolproof but they all help. I’ve rechecked the cupboard on Sunday and there were some tiny signs but less and none this morning.

It got more unruly as the day went on

Other things last week; work, three straight days in the office; lunch with Ma on Tuesday (but only because she left stuff at mine at the weekend and wanted it but it was lovely anyway!); battling the flicky fringe (damp weather and my hair do not play nicely together); wine tasting and general silliness with Ma (we are much more sensible nowadays but the wine/gin/fizz goes in and the fun comes out!); I finished a couple of books; a friend became a Grandma; Joe won supporters man of the match at football and scored a goal and he decided to play, even though they didn’t win; and; there was another melon from the plot. It was generally a much more together week because I’ve finally come to terms with it being autumn and instead of being resentful of it and switched into coping and with coping comes slightly more productivity. I know it doesn’t make sense but generally, I do better under pressure and autumn/winter is constant low level pressure!

Wine tasting

Plans for this week are to repel the rodent invaders, take some stuff to the charity shop, make vanilla extract and plum gin. I’ve promised the guys at work courgette cake and I have a lot of work (you know the kind I’m paid for!) to do. I also need to get my brother something for his birthday, which is next week! Grace is on Saturday and I’m expecting a delivery of garlic bulbs.

Have a good week!

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