Monday Miscellany: Autumnal

Happy Monday!

I did have a cold last week, so I stayed at home and slept a lot and thanked God for the ability to work from home. I was not the only one, it seems like the entire team was sick last week and Sue had a cold too, there is a lot of it around, it feels like we are back to normal and because most of us haven’t had the usual colds for the past couple of years we are all getting them.

Mine was relatively minor but I’m over going into the office when I’m sick, I did that for years and about seven years ago had a really bad run of colds, coughs and finally bronchitis and the worst chest infection that I have ever had. Post COVID I feel no need to tough it out. So there!

I’m making up for it this week by going in on a Monday. We have a new starter and we’re a welcoming bunch so this week I’ll be in for three or four days, depending. Yes I’m going to be tired by the end of the week, but I have no other plans so it should be fine.

The only things of note I did this week (other than shout at the radio about the stupidity of the current shower of idiots that comprise the government and at the England team) was feed Sarah pizza and catch up (lovely would 10 out of 10 recommend!) and cut down all the tomatoes on the allotment, although I feel I should point out that Ma did most of the chopping!

This week is all about coping with life and autumn, which I will find trying but will equally survive. So I hope you all have a good week and survive any trials within it!

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