Monday Miscellany: A Year Older, Probably Not Wiser

Happy Monday!

August is the best month of the year, everyone is on holiday so London is a bit emptier than usual, there is a Bank Holiday AND it’s my birthday! Which happened on Saturday. 49 isn’t much different from 48, although last week, my back ached a bit more, but due to the ‘water every day’ schedule on the plot rather than being closer to 50.

The week was pretty standard, my sleep lack of sleep issue is slowly improving, I just need to keep doing what I’m doing (going to bed a set times, getting up at the same time every day, eating well and exercising a bit more) and it will come right, I’m going to add wake up and bedtime yoga to the my routine while I’m on leave this week, to see if that helps. At best it will, at worse, I’ll get some stretches done that’ll help my back! I don’t enjoy who I am when I’m this tired (grumpy, emotional etc) and I can’t work out what’s sparked it this time. It could just be a come down from midsummer and a slide into slightly darker evenings, it’s been pretty dark 9.30pm when I’ve finished watering and I could just be reacting to that. Whatever it is, it’s annoying and I want it to stop! Tired and grumpy as I was last week, I was really happy that I’d spent some time on Sunday, getting myself prepped for the week, just knowing that I had food and clothes all ready to go with minimal effort was a gift I gave myself.

I did three days in the office on the trot, got a walk with Sue and really worked on the flat. There’s nothing actually wrong with the flat, I’m just feeling that it’s a bit cluttered and I’m currently looking at October for the new kitchen, which is going to mean packing everything up, so it feels like the more I can declutter now, the better it’ll be for then. I got all of the cardboard out of the flat, all the paper that needed shredding got shredded and is now turning to compost on the plot, tidied up the stuff lurking under my desk and really cleaned (on my hands and knees getting rid of all the dust in the corners) the bathroom and living room floors.

I’m off work this week until Friday. Ma and I were going to Eltham Palace on Wednesday but we are moving that up to today, because the later half of the week is going to be too hot! The rest of the week, I’m just leaning into middle age, tomorrow Richard is going to replace my shed roof, on Wednesday I need to sort out an outfit for a wedding on Saturday, and on Thursday Sue is taking me to Wisley with her RHS membership. I really feel that I’m in a place where my age has caught up with my interests!

I between all that I need to get the flat a bit more under control and keep the plants at the plot alive! Should be fun!

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