Recommended: A Work Bag

I have always resisted using a rucksack for carrying my work laptop to and from the office, I was given one when I was issued with the laptop but for the size of them they were bulky and single purpose. So I used another bag and took that, with my handbag into the office when I went in. Then I started bringing a water bottle and a coffee cup into the office with me along with my breakfast and lunch, and my laptop bag and handbag. It was all getting a little less manageable. I walk from home to the station, it takes about 20 minutes and is usually the time I call my mum (yes I talk to her every day, no it’s not co-dependent) and one day in March, when I also needed to bring some produce into the office (I have a veg for birds deal going with my boss) I snapped. Four bags was too many to carry, especially when you are also juggling with a phone.

It was time for one bag to carry everything. This was the first thing I came across and it’s pretty good. I love that the main opening is framed. There is a section for keeping things cold AND a place for my laptop. There are also handles at the top so I don’t always have to carry it on my back.

It’s still not the most stylish thing I own, but it’s functional and saves me some morning stress, which is always good!

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