Monday Miscellany: Jubilee Madness

Happy Monday!

I’m hoping that all things Royal and Jubilee calm down now, I’m ready for the news to go back to go other things.

Last week, was lovely, I had four days off which was great although I’m pretty confused about what the day of the week is right now. I took some time to look at my budget and inflation proof my it a bit. I can see bills going up and I’m expecting that rent may increase soonish, I’m lucky enough that things aren’t desperate but it doesn’t hurt to review and see what you can get rid of and how you can maybe give yourself a bit of cushion. For me it was cancelling some subscriptions and doing things like changing my mobile contract so it’s cheaper, checking my credit score and so on. It’s taken me years to feel confident with this stuff and not to close my eyes and try to wing it and if you’re there because of cost of living or debt or just because no-one taught you, I get it.

I failed to get a haircut due to issues with the trains, Ma and I went to Osterley House, it rained and I’ve never felt more British, visiting a stately home in the rain! We allotmented, I did a bit of baking, I avoided Jubilee stuff and read books instead. It was a pretty good week.

This week is a full week of work, June is going to hurt a bit after May with so many days out! But I’m home for Monday and Tuesday (Tube strike) and in for Wednesday and Thursday. I have a bunch of stuff to do and I’ll need to take some time to go to the plot to water the polytunnel. That and housework is what the week is going to be all about.

Have a good week!

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