Friday Links: Still a republican

Happy Friday!

If you listen to Radio 4 (I do, extensively) you would think that we were all thrilled about the Jubilee. While I don’t dislike the person, I still don’t agree with the institution. I happen to believe that if the taxpaxer is going to spend all the money that we do on the Head of State and hangers on (£87.5 million last year although Republic estimates that it’s nearer £345,000,000 a year, when the lost the two duchies (Lancaster and Cornwall), security, costs met by local councils and police forces, and lost tax revenue are accounted for), then the taxpayer should have a say in deciding who that Head of State is. The Queen is quite overpaid for what she does and she has used the law to maintain her own personal wealth and the less said about Prince Andrew, the better.

Yes, I would rather risk President Blair or Johnson, than have Charles III (or whatever name he choses).

Anyway, here are some links….

Boris Johnson bids for Jubilee boost with return of imperial measurements. Which reminds me, you should watch this…

Pounds, ounces, pints! Johnson is offering a whole bushel worth of phoned-in gibberish

Here’s how rocketing rents and unaffordable house prices can be fixed

What the Veneration of Gandhi’s Killer Says About India

My advice to the new Cressida Dick: police violent men, not the women they abuse

Was it really asking too much for Amber Heard to be listened to without prejudice? At the point of the London trial, I thought it was a case of a bad marriage, with all the toxicity that goes with drugs and money. Now, I think Depp was abusive. It’s the way he’s gone after Heard, is she sympathetic, probably not, but I still think that he’s abusive. I hope that he never works again.

Simon Fairlie: ‘People are so detached from the land’. ‘The Theoretical’ is the name Ma and I have for my live off the land fantasy and we would have cows…

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