Monday Miscellany: Elections and finishing things

Happy Monday!

We’ve had the election results and the overall feeling is that Labour could have done better and the Tories didn’t do as badly as expected. The greased piglet lives to fight another day and the Daily Mail managed a campaign to smear Kier Starmer, which has been successful enough to get the Durham police to reopen an investigation. I don’t think he broke lockdown rules, I think Johnson did, fragrantly. However, the DM wants to keep Boris in power so to hell with fairness and the polity of the nation, they are going to convince us that all politicians are the same and none should be trusted. Thus reducing the amount of people that can be bothered to vote. That’s the plan and so far it appears to be working.

I did vote because as I have said many times (like a broken record) democracy only works if we vote and people died so I could. I don’t take it for granted. It can do amazing things, look at Northern Ireland! I sort of think, we’re looking at the break up of the Union in the next 50 years, or maybe everyone will start getting serious about government and it’ll just be a massive change in the constitution (I’m for proper federalisation of the England, Scotland and Wales and returning NI to Ireland) but there are lots of other options that we should be discussing.

My week at work was actually fun, I’m currently trying to organise my work so that I can go on holiday next week with a clear conscience, which means I’m dealing with all the things I’ve been procrastinating about. It’s been a really good week. It’s been four years at the end of the month since I started working here and honestly, it feels like forever and five minutes, in the best possible way. This week, I’ll be doing more of the same and covering another PA while she recovers from an op. It’ll be a busy week and I quite like them that way, more so at this time of year.

I also managed to give 12 tomato plants away to work people and rhubarb and I baked, I’m living up to all my stereotypes…

It was Mother’s Day in the rest of the world yesterday. Cue the social media about thinking of people who might find the day difficult. I think I’ve said before but I don’t, I’m lucky of have a mother who raised me well and loved me lots and manages to be a good and a bad influence. Any regret about children or the my thereof doesn’t make me sad or angry or lonely on Mother’s Day. I’ve been trying to work out what it is that make me so uncomfortable and cross with the social media messages about finding it hard, have I been protesting too much that it doesn’t bother me?

Yesterday I worked it out. Someone posted a message that said “Happy Mothers Day for those that celebrate”. It was lovely and I didn’t feel cross seeing it, I thought it was nice and moved on. The other ‘we’re thinking of you’ message, feels like it’s trying to be empathetic but it’s actually othering. Not having a good relationship with your mum, or having a dead one, or not being a mother when you want to can be hugely painful and it could be painful on Mothers Day but the ways these posts acknowledge that is “of course we are thinking about you because you are going to be sad because you don’t have this thing that is fundamental to womanhood”. Which it problematic anyway but particularly at this moment in history. Anyway, I’m glad to have worked that out…

This week, is all about work and holiday prep, I will be making sure that by the time I leave next week, work will be squared away, the house will be tidy, the fridge will be empty and all the baby plants will be in the polytunnel.

They are small goals but they’re mine. Have a good week!

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