Friday Links: Not Sure There is Any Good News

Happy Friday!

Liberal democracies must defend their values and show Putin that the west isn’t weak

I’m begging you, Hancock and the Home Front heroes: just sit this one out

The age of levity is over. The Russia-Ukraine war will shake politics into a new sobriety. I often don’t agree with Rafael Behr but what is says about Johnson is on the nose and I really hope he’s right because the world is in a mess and it needs serious people to sort it out.

Now events require a policy of European engagement that can only be achieved by ignoring everything the prime minister has said on the subject. It requires a style of grown-up leadership that Johnson can affect because he is a thespian and rhetorician of some talent, but not sustain because he is also a dilettante and a fraud. He embodies a trait in Westminster culture that treats politics as pantomime, where a prime minister can play at being Churchill without Churchillian gravitas and without being accountable for words delivered with a wink, in a stage voice tinged with perpetual jest.

A year after Sarah Everard’s murder, we’re talking directly to men. But it’s not enough

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